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Preactive -   N E W S
  31 August, 2017
 Under Preactive process you look ahead and see issues of the future which needs to be addressed.  That is after you get present URGENT issues addressed.

     Anyone will see we have major issues coming in the FUTURE.

    PREACTIVE PROCESS would identify the following.

        Electric Power.  
We will not have enough.  Wind farms and SOLAR will not supply what we will need.  We must start building NEW COAL FIRED Power stations NOW! Power consumption will increase so we need much more power.  Oil supply is NOT a unlimited source. 

We must look at means like HIGH SPEED RAIL and start the planning and building of it NOW!

WATER:  When did we have our last DAM built! in SYDNEY.  It was Warragamba Dam.
 Completed in 1960.  Took approx 12 years to build. Australia's population has grown by 250% since it was opened and the lifestyle of people has changed in using more water. Sydney's population increase is above the national increase. We must act NOW!

COMMUNICATIONS  The NBN will be a failure because it was not built to a TECHNICAL SPECIFICATION.  There is failures in all areas from the Customer end, the NBN part and the area not addressed the actual INTERNET.  There is issues with it that needs to be addressed.  What I refer to is the large number of links (<30) a data call has to go through to reach its destination on some calls.  The Telstra Telephone network ( 7 at the most) had nothing like this happening.

 Must be improved.  It will not be if it is just sold OFF. The buyer wants a immediate return so they will SELL OFF whatever they can and operate at basic level to get returns. 
    We must use the PREACTIVE APPROACH.
        1. You do not sell the problem to someone else to fix.
        2. You must look at today and the future and start planning.
        4. You MUST be more PRODUCTIVE.
        6. You need experienced staff who understand the work doing the work.
        7. You need MIDDLE MANAGEMENT staff who fully understand the work.

    When you do the above cost of work will drop, staff will be very happy, and you will have a good job done.


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