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Information  on PREACTIVE
  22 May, 2017

    There is a MAJOR ISSUE TODAY.
An issue which affects everything we do. With the push to PREVENTATIVE FORM of operation, we have the situation now of everything must be by a process.  If you have something that is not on the guidelines of the PROCESS it does not get looked at.  You just have NO SUCCESS. We also see the REASONS why PREVENTATIVE was dropped years ago.
You do WASTE resources and you DO NOT COVER everything still.

    Another REASON WHY we MUST have a CHANGE BACK to a QUALITATIVE FORM of operation where these issues DO NOT just get overlooked.
    PREACTIVE PROCESS would use QUALITATIVE methods to operate. 

    It operates under QUALITY, Productive and elimination of waste.
   Also providing the BEST SERVICE.    

 PREACTIVE is not a true word in many areas.

     But I will show you that it is and how successful and different it can be.
    How it can make Australia more PRODUCTIVE than the likes of China and India doing work for Australia under the present situation. 
    Most will say this is impossible! But I will show you how it can be done.

  It is done through increase PRODUCTIVITY with very little WASTE and with staff appreciative of having a good job.  The present situation of many major business's operating offshore doing work for Australia would be put to a very hard test, and in most cases will fail because of operating in a DELEGATION ROLE.  

Australian based will win!
   You may NOT be in Australia ( the USA,UK,New Zealand etc. ) but the same advantages can come to you if you follow the simple steps of the PREACTIVE PROCESS.  Local operation in PREACTIVE MODE will succeed.   Offshore operation will be very difficult to operate in a  PREACTIVE mode, so the success will not flow on. A local based process will succeed where offshore  will not due to lack of  local understanding and experience. 
     Management by Delegation will FAIL!  with introduction of true PREACTIVE PROCESS.    

    Types of SERVICE
        * PREVENTATIVE  (PREVENT) You do what you can to prevent it happening.
       * REACTIVE        (REACT      ) 
You wait till it happens, then react.
        * PROACTIVE   (PROACT   ) 
You gather together what is required and program it to be done.
       * PREDICTIVE   (PREDICT  ) You predict the future and take action.   You look at what may occur.

     * PREACTIVE (PREACT   ) You see the FUTURE problems and ACT before it is ACTIVE.

Preactive     is NOT as many say PROACTIVE or PREDICTIVE. 


        It failed because it was seen by many as the way of the FUTURE.
        Then we had changes in management. 
             Some STAFF qualified by a general management course became just staff managers.
             Job allocation became an issue.
                 Introduction of process that managers only needed management skills for jobs.
                 It gave jobs to ones with short management skills only.
                 They did not have EXPERIENCE or UNDERSTANDING of JOBS they were managing.
              MANAGEMENT by DELEGATION has arrived.
              They cut staff levels to give indication of PROGRESS.
              They took over PROACTIVE PROCESS  because it was the in thing of the time but it FAILED.
       The one's in control of function did not have TRUE UNDERSTANDING and EXPERIENCE of the work.
         So jobs failed to get done on time. 

            An example was " The manger of the proactive work delegate the work."

                                           But it FAILED for many reasons because they did not understand the work they delegated.  

                                           PRODUCTIVITY FAILED.  SERVICE FAILED. 

                                          I was asked how to fix the above issues and I found the solution.
                                          I did not call it PROACTIVE. 
                                         Because it was a BUZZ WORD and others wanted to be in charge of this work.

           I looked at what i did and found PREACTIVE was the word for the process. 
           It was PREACTIVE, because it was different.
                                          I changed the process name to what it needed to be and had massive success.    

                    In fact many people operate in the mode already but do not call it such.     

This web site is all about how to obtain PREACTIVE success yourself.
        Many areas already do it in day to day work with success but do not notice the difference.

       PRESENT PROACTIVE PROCESS is having Managers delegating work who have

                NO EXPERIENCE
                NO DEDICATION
                NO UNDERSTANDING of WHEN it is needed. 
    They just
DELEGATE work with the waste that follows.

        It could be stated that they program the work.
       But how can you program work you do not understand and have experience with.

*You need careful PROJECT SKILLS so that vital resources of Staff, planning, schedule and material are all ready for the job. You can match the requirements of the customer to what the field or workface can provide
*That all issues are identified before so work will flow with maximan PRODUCTIVITY and NO WASTE and FINISHED ready to be used on time.
*Identify all issues and solve before work starts.   But you do NOT DELAY the job or PROCESS. 
e.g.  You do not have an outside painting job in wet weather. 
        You DO NOT plan work on a pipe which is tidal at high tide.


   It will be the old saying "penny wise POUND FOOLISH".



        You ACT before the situation is   ACTIVE.
              This is the REASON
        why it is the BEST PROCESS  for the FUTURE.
    I will show you the theory behind the process.  Case studies  and the success.
    I will also show the WASTE that comes if you DO NOT DO IT.

   Australia's Future is with PREACTIVE PROCESS.  

I saw the advantages of the process and want to share it with others.
  I do not think it is right to know how changes can produce success
and to not share it with others.

End of Information screen.

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