November  2015  (  Latest ) 

It appears we have the return of the H2S gas.  It was noted in Prices Circuit and Boomi Place across from the drain.

It is not only myself but others have remarked.

Council have been notified about this, problem with drain in Prices circuit and other issue with seawall.  

Council have visited the site and now I await results.


The issue is not being understood.   I will give the full story, as much as I can get together very soon.      14/11/2015

Note:  The power pillar close to the water fountain hadf to be replaced late July early August due to

cable problems.  ( very suspect the acid and water had a part in it. )   Acid dust was left on road surface

after the issue below. 

Date:  April 2015:

H2S Pollution Issue  and Flooding    in   Prices Circuit Woronora NSW Australia


   H2S  Issue is back again.  

     This was noted after the water had gone after the flooding of Prices Circuit and the soil left on the road.

 The BLACK DUST that when a vehicle went passed you could smell the old smell again.  This was mentioned to the council on

their recent visit but got dismissed by the supervisor.  ( I wished I had a photo of it. )


       The latest information I have is that we may have another issue which may explain more of the issues.  This is an issue with

a FEVER ATTACK in the area of the drain work.  Contaminated soil extracted from the ground was indicated in directions to

be taken offsite. This did not happen. It was left there because they wanted it to place back in the trench. But this period was not just

overnight but for days.  Some contaminated soil was never recovered.  This soil produce H2S and breeding ground for

Fevers such as ROSS RIVER FEVER.  I had to live on the property during the time and I cannot indicate if I had

a bite or not from a fly.  I was very surprised to learn that this was a problem in the Georges River in recent times.

I only found out this in the last month or so.  It is all new to me.


*** Sunday 10th May 2015.  Just after 7am I saw a strange condition with air near the drain in Prices Circuit. ***

  The air was coming out of the drain in a swell rising up to 2.2 metres into the air.   

         I will be checking for it to happen again.      I will have my video ready!! 


Now below is photos of the flood in Prices Circuit Woronora.   ( April 2015 )

Sewer Pit LIDLooking at the Flooded Prices Circuit.             

It was lucky the drain opposite Boomi Place could take the water and keep the level at this level in the circuit.  Otherwise it would have gone higher till it found a path to the river to drain.

 Have a close look at the pit LID above on the left. I got told by one that he stood on it ( worker ). What would of happened if he fell off. It was very powerful.

September 18th 2015 

    No progress as yet on the above issues.   Both pipes to the water have issues.  

  Latest photos to come soon.    


Pollution of H2S

Sewer Pit LID
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